Welcome To The Story Girl

Ever since I was a young sapling, I have been enchanted by the written word. Words are what God gave us to communicate with each other. His own instructions and messages for us were given through words.

As you can see, words are powerful. That means that stories are powerful. The most wonderful stories are the ones where words flow like a stream of sparkling water with magnificent waterfalls of awe-inspiring messages and meanings.

Another great aspect to stories, is the characters who learn and grow through life’s experiences. For example, Anne Shirley whose active imagination transforms everyday experiences into exciting adventures for her and her friends. Consider the March sisters, who navigate the bridge between childhood and adulthood. What about Aragorn, who becomes a noble leader, even though that is the very last thing he wants.

I have a philosophy that we learn through experiences. You can be instructed not to lick a frozen flag pole, but do you really learn not to do it until you or someone else does it? Through a riveting novel, you go on a journey and learn many things. The lessons you learn might not be life changing, but they certainly are important. For example, ever since I have read Pride and Prejudice, I have been cautious about judging people before I truly get to know them.

To add to that, stories allow an escape from the daily grind of life. When life is wild and crazy, a tale can give your mind a rest and distract it. When life is dull and slow, fiction can add a pinch of adventure to your day.

At first, I was a little skeptical about creating this blog. I don’t really reveal the discoveries I find in fiction to others. You see, storytelling is an lost art. The average person views reading as entertainment. This idea is partly true, most of the tales told today are entertainment. Good literature is not read often anymore. People don’t enjoy reading fiction that has quality in language and messages.

There are high quality narratives out there that are extremely captivating. If you know how to read these kind of stories, you are not throwing away precious time. You are exercising your brain in a very enjoyable way. You are digging through rich secrets. You gain knowledge of how the world works and how people respond to it. This is why I started The Story Girl, so I could encourage others to read in the same way.

While planning this blog, I realized something about the Bible I had never paid attention to before. When Jesus lived on earth and people didn’t understand something or they needed to be taught a lesson, in order for them to understand, Jesus told a story. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of that before! Thus, I had another reason to start this blog… to show others that we can grow morally through stories.

To wrap this exaggerated blog post up with a fluffy bow, a Story Girl is a girl who loves stories. She is enthralled by the written word. It is difficult for her to tear away from gripping novels. She relishes going on yet another journey with her favorite characters. Stories have shaped and molded the way she interacts with the world. Characters unveil new lenses to her so that she can view the world through a different perspective. But most importantly… she is a girl who quenches true knowledge and God’s wisdom.





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