What I Read this April

John. I absolutely adore the book of John. It is probably my favorite of all four Gospels. The first time I read it, I studied it in a Bible study that met once a week. This time, I read through the whole book the Saturday before Easter. I enjoyed reading it both ways. The advantage to picking it apart slowly is the depth of spiritual wisdom you get from it. The advantage to reading it all at once is that you can easily view it as a whole story.

Ecclesiastes. This is probably one of my absolutely favorite books of the Bible. It is filled with so much wisdom. I probably reread this book several times last year. It talks about how everything in this world is really meaningless. Nothing here will last though eternity. Instead of wasting our time on the worthless things of this earth, we should spend all our energy on Christ and his mission.

Colossians. I just started this book yesterday. This book talks about the supremecy of Christ. It also encourages spiritual growth and instructs us not to mix ungodly teachings with Christianity. We should let God have control over our lives.

Do Hard Things. After months of my best friend nagging me to read it, I finally picked it up. This is a very motivational book that talks about our society’s low expectations for teens. It shows that if we Christian teens rise up and do hard things, we can greatly showcase God’s message to the world.

The Gospel According to Jesus. This book challenges the “easy believism” that is the basis of Christianity. This book shows that there is no salvation without complete surrender to our Lord. Salvation isn’t just saying a prayer, it is denying yourself, taking up your cross, and following Jesus. I have just started the book, but so far it has forced me to more deeply analyse what salvation means.

Wuthering Heights. This classic novel has been on my reading list for about a year. I suddenly had a strange desire to read it this April. This book is considered the greatest book of heartbreak and thwarted desire in the English Language. Honestly, this is the most dramatic book I have every read! I can’t believe I actually don’t hate Heathcliff! (I am neutral about him at the moment) I fell in love with the beautiful prose of this book and I can’t wait to go visit the Yorkshire Moors!

Anne of Green Gables. I will never get tired of Anne Shirley. She has held a special place in my heart since I was a little girl. Every time I reread the book, I adore it even more than the time before. She is my kindred Spirit.

What books did you read this April? Have you read any on my list? Also, what would you enjoy reading on this blog?

If you have any questions about the books mentioned, I would love to discuss them with you in the comments.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia Nelson says:

    Ooh, you read Do Hard Things!!! 😉 YAY! Love reading your posts, girly! ❤


    1. leannaholivia says:

      Yep. I am sorry I never told you.


  2. Allison Grace says:

    I love John MacArthur!


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